while we're on the subject of moogles

Dustin and I have been playing FFXIV for the last year, and according to my headcanon, my character tricked the strange forest children and moogles into teaching her how to become a white mage by disguising herself as a moogle

then a terrible accident occurred!

Those freaking chocobo suits.

What server are y’all on?

[quote=“Tex”]Those freaking chocobo suits.[img]

We’re on ultros. Peyote Quixote (dustin) and Devyn Fait (me)

Holy god those screencaps

I’m on Hyperion; I started back in December or so. I’ll get screenshots later when I’m not being a lazy shit. Have y’all cleared any Coil?

I’ve gotten to phase three (heavensfall) of t9, but I haven’t been in it since january.

I do have a house, though:

Also a mansion and a second house. They’re both under construction though due to a choke point in the supply of merlwybs.

Dustin and I are core members of one of the larger FCs on the server, in terms of activity. My main contribution was to make sure that our FC house contained the server’s only Chapel of Merlwybs, located in my FC room.

I, uh, I have a private room in my FC’s house. There’s a bath in there. And a picture of Hildibrand and his assistant?

ETA: That’s a shitload of Merlwybs. And that looks like a wedding chapel, that one room.

I’m thinking of filling my second house with those hildibrand pictures, or at least one floor.

How did you get enough money for that? Omnicrafting?

Yeah. I’m not even that high level a crafter, though. I have all the supras, but my other gear is just the old i55 stuff melded the bare minimum to be able to meet the requirements to craft the supra turn in tokens. So I can macro craft two stars and painstakingly craft three stars, but I haven’t even tried to get the latest master books or any of the artisan gear.

The way I make gil is that I have four retainers, so I can have eighty things for sale at once, which means I can have every single piece of i55 crafting and gathering gear for sale, and then some other stuff to round it out. The i55 stuff is extremely easy to make, but very few people bother to make it, and the demand is extremely high. When I’m actively trying to make money, I adjust my prices a few times a day whenever I take a break from work, and I generally capture 80%+ of every sale on every i55 item anyone on the server buys. That generally adds up to somewhere between one and two million gil a day, but it’s also a huge pain in the ass.

The nice thing about having two large houses and a mansion though is I have seven garden plots, which means I have a constant flow of thavnairian onions. I give them away to people in my FC, but I also sell them on the MB for like 300k a pop.

Oh man they have mansions in the game?! I never got around to playing.

There sure are! It’s neat.

I haven’t really gotten into crafting much; I hit 50 in Fisher, but my only other 50 is Dragoon. I’ve focused mostly on finishing the story and unlocking stuff. I still gotta do the 2.55 stuff that released today.

Yeah there are three different sizes of player housing, which was originally introduced as just for free companies (guilds). Small houses (cottages) are tiny and originally just one floor, but were expanded to have a basement. Medium houses (referred to as just plain houses) have three floors and probably about three times the square footage of the small ones, and large houses (mansions) are also three floors and have like 2-3x the square footage of the medium ones, so they’re HUGE.

Anyway, when they finally added individual player housing, they just made it so individual characters can buy the exact same houses that FCs can buy.

Do you remember Phil, Tex? You would have met him at E3. He’s Cris’s friend who moved to Japan and never came back. Anyway, today Cris (who is on the same server as me and Dustin) says he logged on to his playstation, and Phil’s online for the first time in forever, playing FFXIV of all things. What a weird coincidence. I told him that I just found out you play too, and he’s like, “TELL HIM TO SWITCH SERVERS.”

He and dustin both have all 50s, but he’s a dragoon main. You could be dragoon bros.

I remember Phil! That’s crazy. Glad to hear he’s okay, though. He still in Japan?

I might make an alt on y’all’s server sometime. I’ve been meaning to see the Ul’dah start anyways.

[quote=“Tex”]I remember Phil! That’s crazy. Glad to hear he’s okay, though. He still in Japan?

I might make an alt on y’all’s server sometime. I’ve been meaning to see the Ul’dah start anyways.[/quote]

Yup, he’s still over there. Weird thing is he’s apparently on an NA server.

Say the word if you end up making an alt and we’ll shoot you an invite to our FC.

Sweet. I’ll do that!

Wow. I’d almost be interested in joining FF14 just to have a place to hang out with old Kupop people again…

Back before it folded, Travis and I used to play City of Heroes together. Of course, being a superhero-themed MMO, he played Fara (the Mana Knight) and I played the Shield (though, since that name was taken, the character’s actual name was Captain Guardia). Together we had many grand adventures, although people never really knew what we were talking about when we’d say that “The entire Web of Worlds is in danger!”…

After ff12 seeming like final fantasy: the offline mmo, and then the first eighty hours of ff13 consisting of tutorials, I was extremely cold on the series. In fact, I didn’t think I’d probably ever play another final fantasy. Then dustin convinced me to give it a try (by promising some free time cards he got from his company, which never ended up materializing), and after a few hours I was like, so, when does this game start actually feeling like a final fantasy game?

I’m not exactly sure where it turned, or clicked, or whatever, and it might just have to do with getting familiar with the world, but here I am a year later still playing and enjoying a final fantasy game.

It’s full of nods to older games, too. Like the casual raid in 2.0 is the Crystal Tower, which consists of Labyrinth of the Ancients, Syrcus Tower, and World of Darkness, and is full of bosses from FF3. There’s some speculation that we’ll see a bunch of nods to FF6 in the expansion, with the floating continent, warring triad, etc. Also, in this most recent patch, Terra’s theme now plays whenever you’re riding in your magitek mount, and the game includes a snowy zone, so, yeah, nostalgia overload.

PC or PS3? I told my coworker about Terra’s theme in the game, and Dev team here all started singing acapella.

Holy shit, J, I could make Hannibal de’Zama the female Lalafell