Kupopolis at Neotropolis


Hey My dudes!

So as most of you are aware, I do a yearly Post Apocalyptic event, Wasteland Weekend, where I dress up as the last Elvis impersonator on earth. [Picture Here]

This year, the event coordinators are doing a cyberpunk spinoff called… Neotropolis.

They are keeping the cyberpunk theme wide open with shadowrun cosplay. At least one of my friends is doing a tech Dwarf. (I’ll post photos).

I bring this up because I’m making my costume for it now, and I want to toss in some Kupopolis references! I’m making a cyberpunk jacket from a kit off of Etsy and I want to print out some vinyl stickers that are kupopolis references. Kuat, Diamond logos, maybe some of our flags? A dracofrom kill count would be cool too.

What do you guys think would be cool? Like do you guys have any references I can work off of??

Also if you wanna come let me know!!


Oh snap! Very cool, Mike.

What about a faded Grand Army Grenadiers patch?


Dude a GA Grenaders patch lwould be too cool. I was looking at our flags post, but I did not see any GA Flags? I assume they would be white and gold


I think so! Gosh, they had… some emblem described and I forget.

Betcha Trav knows.


@Celiose, what’s the GA emblem?