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So, hey gang.

I know that the messages that’ve been flying around between us have got a lot of you in a nostalgic mood. And you’re digging into old stuff we did together that you haven’t seen or thought of (or, perhaps, have been actively repressing) for years.

Not so for me! I actually feel like I never really left Kupopolis; I may have been one of the last people actively posting to both the boards and the wiki, and right up to the moment we all discovered the boards were down I was still cranking away at things like reading through Neo and working on that big giant post that would be done “some day.” Even when the site had to go away due to being infected by the internet, I still found myself thinking and writing about things Kupopolis from time to time, in between every other goddamn thing that happens in life when you’re up to your elbows in your 30s.

… which was why I was somewhat shocked to uncover something in my Kupopolis files that I’d completely forgotten about. And am, admittedly, somewhat ashamed to admit still exists.

What I am now going to upload are a series of comic strips that never quite made it into City of Moogles, back when that was a thing. They were created in collaboration with Mike (who drew doodles for me, which I then worked from to draw the characters), the Kupop writers of the time (chat logs with you guys basically made up the scripts for these), and my midling photoshop skills (which have really not improved at all in the 10+ years since I drew these).

May god have mercy on all your souls as I post these.


I approve of this artistic representation of Past Me.

… You mean you actually WERE a disembodied “DL” wearing a cowboy hat?

That was my favorite part.

I might have shapeshifted 30 seconds before I slammed my fist on that window in LA to get your attention, when we met.

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