Worlds and the Building of Them

This may very well be far too early to be posing such questions, but as my assumption is that at least one of the projects we will be moving forward with will be set in the Proper setting, I’ve got a question on worlds.

Clearly we have… Well, many to choose from, and as I recall there was some understandable reluctance to expand the Web with further bloat.

That said, I admit I’d be interested in introducing one to work on. Ivalice, setting for FFTactics, FFXII, and even loosely Vagrant Story.
It’s full of FF staples, airships, magic, and just counting Tactics alone, an encyclopedia full of history and characters to draw inspiration from.
Anyway, I’d like your collective thoughts on bringing in another world (possibly having been discovered during the in between time from 50-60), and any advice on how to best bring that into the fold, or honestly advice period on adapting and building a world from source material.

Feel free to let the thread address more general themes, other worlds, what have you. Just starting off the conversation!

Back in the day, I would have said no with a laundry list of reasons why.

Most of those reasons were silly or specific to the times. I think, if you want to, we should make it happen.

Ha, well I understand that. Honestly though, some of those reasons may still be useful as pointers to avoid pitfalls, so I’m happy for input

[quote=“Tex”]Back in the day, I would have said no with a laundry list of reasons why.

Most of those reasons were silly or specific to the times. I think, if you want to, we should make it happen.[/quote]

lol… Which is funny, Tex, because back in the day I might have been one of the people who would’ve tried to facilitate this. And back then most of my reasons might have been silly.

I don’t have a laundry list of reasons why I’m inclined to say ‘no’ now… I’d just point us back to this thing we keep saying about how we want the revival to be smaller in scope, less focused on people driving big piles of assets and more focused on characters moving around in the setting we’ve already devised.

The thing is, for as many of us as are here now, we have a freakin’ huge setting. And there are gigantic tracts of it that see very little, if any use. Introducing a new dimension to the Web of Worlds is a huge undertaking – this coming from someone who’s been there and done that – and the fact that I’ve used the word huge twice in this paragraph so far sort of cuts against the grain of what we’ve been saying we want to do with Kupopolis moving forward: veer away from huge storytelling for a while and bring our storytelling to a much tighter, character-centric (rather than institution/asset-centric) focus.

Does anybody, off the top of your head, know exactly how many dimensions there are in Kupopolis? Give yourself no more than 10 seconds to answer. … 3, 2, 1. There are fifteen, if we include Foo/Illusion (Foolusion!?), the PWINM and the Territories.

But that’s just my 2¢… If enough other people want this to happen, by all means, go for it.

I respect that. As I said, I may be completely jumping the gun. If the introduction of a new world doesn’t fit with our goals, I wouldn’t want to do so. Perhaps once we clearly define the scope and parameters, it will be clearer if it would fit or not.

Of those 15 worlds, how many are truly open to use though? It feels like so many possess layers upon layers of writer built history and infrastructure, which can be a delight to interact with, but is intimidating to start in. At least for me.

Even if a world isn’t (hasn’t?) being used, there is still a pressure to adhere to everything that has come before. That is part of the challenge and fun of an IS, and I may be coming across as whiny or sorry for myself, so apologies if so.

If we do have a more open setting incorporating the various worlds, I would love some assistance in finding an available area to play and build. That may all be moot however depending on the format we end up going with!

I’m all for the smaller scale, character focused story lines, especially initially, and I understand my query is more than a little out of sync with that.

If it does fit though to add a new world, I would love some advice on making that work Matt. I know you didn’t care for FFXII too much (I admit I never finished it myself), but you know how it is when you get an itch about something. Gotta scratch it at least a little.