Wiki in the cloud

  • I went ahead and updated the wiki to version 1.30 from 1.24.2 from two years ago.

  • Still trying to figure out how to point a domain there, its new to me in the cloud.

  • emails are not sending if you try to reset your password. I may keep it that way since the logins will be via a new discourse forum.

  • we have TWO wikis for now as I work out the kinks of this new cloud wiki. Once we have this forum moved to discourse, everything on the old server will be dropped like a bad habit.

  • going to make sure we have more spam tools before a hard launch with it

Poke around and add any missing content Please! My file said last updated august but the footer on the site says 2016, so…

I’d like to to do another pull before we hard launch just so I have a clean slate.

So if I make any changes to the cloud wiki, they’re super safe?

…and I should compare with the old wiki to see if anything is missing?

I tried to log in, but my name didn’t work. Now, I haven’t been using my username to make edits on the old wiki, but now I feel like I should. I tried the “forgot password” thing and didn’t get anything. And I couldn’t find a place to create a new username. Is it even worth it to have a new username since this isn’t the final build?

Yeah if old logins aren’t working, I wouldn’t worry too much then until I get the new login system working. This is the database I’d move forward with, but yeah may not be the final build just yet.

I did some glancing about, and don’t see anything missing…

Yeah, I checked some of the stuff that I knew I had updated more recently and it mostly seems to be there.

FYI wiki link will being going up and down as I have to restart the server and do dns stuff.

Holy freaking mother of… something something, I got discord to work:

Wiki link is down until I can set the server to run both at once. (probably to have a single sign on)