Who else is binge watching Daredevil?

I like it over agents of shield. It makes me wanna write some super hero fun times!

I actually really like Agents of Shield… but, yes, I like Daredevil even more. It has the added benefit of having 100% fewer Ben Affleck than before.

Is it on Netflix? I’m some kind of heathen who never saw either.

Not only is Daredevil on Netflix, it’s a Netflix exclusive!

It’s the future!! Run!!

Man agents of shield was so extremely boring to me, I gave up on it. I tried watching daredevil too, and it has also failed to really catch me.

I’m in the middle of giving Shield another try. It does get better after the first sevral episodes, when they start connecting to the larger marvel universe, but the brunette brigade takes awhile to warm up to.

Regretfully, I fell out of watching Agents of Shield in season 2 – mostly because I didn’t realize the episodes “expired” in Hulu when the eps were airing. I intend to get back into it.

Daredevil I haven’t been binging on, but doing an episode a night so far. Only the first two eps thus far, but I like it.

Hey it’s two years later and I’m a pretty big fan of netflix’s marvel stuff. Daredevil extremely lost me pretty early on, but I ended up going back and liking it and then liking everything else too (especially jessica jones and luke cage)

I guess it’s almost three years later but everything else I said is still correct.