Well hello there

Oh hi guys. Was fixing “compromised” passwords and moogle.club showed for whatever reason and I thought…FFXIV? What was this? I click and lo and behold it takes to my “youth”, my favorite group of writers I’ve had the pleasure of making friends with.

Anyway, life is weird and crazy and slow/fast depending on the day, as I’m sure it is for all of you, but hey, nice to see y’all again!

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“It’s been a while since we’ve seen Spoon — their last post was 6 years ago.”

ha ha wtf how has it even been six years since mike set this up what is happening

I mean hey man long time no see. If you’re on discord, we’ve got a discord (come hang out)

eta: FFXIV? You play? Dustin and I play on Ultros, and I think Tex is on Leviathan or Hyperion or something.

I, too, am on Ultros. Aarak Dragmire.


We should play sometime. I’m Devyn Fait, and Dustin is Peyote Quixote.

Sounds great! I’m at the tail end of Heavensward content, RDM and DRK both at 62. Gotta love that single character multiple classes thing.

Oh man the feels. the “Reborn” initiative was like two or 3 years ago and the “heist” plotline is like over a year old now.