Welcome to The Forum Guys

Welcome amigos!

Here is a temporary forum to get the ball rolling.

let me know if you have any questions or concerns!


Should have admin rights now Jerry. Still trying to see why its moderating new posts. :smiley:

Holy shit those old comics. I forgot about those.

Hi everybody!

As usual, I had the hardest time deciding on a username.

We’ll forgive you, man, we’ll forgive you.

I can log into the ACP, but I haven’t been able to figure out what the deal is with the auto-moderated posts thing. What I ended up doing was just making myself a global moderator, which allowed me to approve a few posts. So now I can approve posts, but I can’t post without approval. Makes sense.

Okay, I think I got things working. We’ll just have to see if anything else gets stuck in the queue, and check to make sure that new users are assigned to the full-permissions group like they’re supposed to.

Just testin’!

Thanks Jerry!!




amnesia dust to the face


For continuity’s sake, I opted to keep the username “Scen.”


[quote=“Scen”]For continuity’s sake, I opted to keep the username “Scen.”

HEY GUYS![/quote]

It would feel a little weird otherwise, I won’t lie.

Damn it! The salesman totally told me this was an invisibility cloak.

mentally adds an “ograf” on the end and pretends it’s 1996

Now I have a stoned chocobo icon. Such is my power.

I don’t know how you were able to do that earlier, Gabe. It kept telling me that I had to keep my avatar to <8kb, and I kept screaming MY RAGE CANNOT BE CONTAINED IN A MERE 8 KILOBYTES YOU WORTHLESS MACHINE, but then I remembered what the doctors told me to do when the voices start and I got better. And then Mike raised the size limit and things are just ducky now.

What I did was resize it from 110x110 to 100x100 and use some shitty online thing to make it under 8 KB.

That said, your icon is perfect, as are those comics.