We made the ny times guys!

Redbubble needs to update their algorithm.

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Ahahaha amazing.

I should buy that shirt at some point.

I used to work for the new york times technically

guys I have drank so much scotch I do not even know for sure if I am alive right now, and I am sure to regret every single thing I do in the next little while

I think I am going to go sit in my yard where alligators may eat me

it is entirely likely that I will not be able to log in to this site with my phone

I blame dustin for having a job he has to go to in the morning

I’m outside now and I keep getting dripped on because nobody in this got damned state knows what is gutters

Check in if you weren’t eaten, Jerry.

I’m not eaten, but I really do need to stop going out and sitting in my yard in the middle of the night.

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Don’t end up turning into Florida Man, Jerry!!

that ship has sailed

and it got eaten by some alligators and sharks