Travis! It's here!

I love Crusader Kings, but I can’t help but feel CK2 got a bit bloated with all the DLCs. It’s nice they have the balls to release a proper sequel.

Also: Hearts of Iron 4 is not very good, which makes me sad, and the subsequent DLCs didn’t fix it.

Stellaris is good though.

…my heart wants Victoria III, but we were lucky to get Vicky II.

Yeah, CK2 kinda expanded beyond reason. A sequel can do a lot to fix it; even just doing all of CK2’s map at the start, and balancing things from the get-go, will do a lot. And the changes they’re suggesting sounds good.

Where’d HOI4 went wrong?

Stellaris is fun shit. I’ve sadly never done Victoria II.

I feel like HOI4 was a fine enough “Map painter” at launch, and I expected the DLC to expand and refine the mechanics. But what the DLCs did was just give focus tree after focus tree.

…has good soundtrack though.

Aw. That’s a shame. Sounds like they didn’t add any depth?

And yeah, Paradox games have really been pumping out some great soundtracks.