The Post-a-Month Club

Hey folks, so as I walked through a park today and sidestepped everyone by 6+ feet, a thought occurred to me: I’d like to post more.

Part of my personal terror is always going, “Okay, I write one post, and… have so many more left.”

So I’m thinking, I am going to attempt to write one Kupop post a month. Aim for about 1,000 words – but not sweat it if it’s 500 or 2000 – and try to just keep momentum with one a month.

Anyone wanna join me?

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I tried to do that last month! I’ll join ya :slight_smile:

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Episode 12 is done, I just sent it to Matt to double-check. (This has been pretty standard for all CoH posts.)

But yes, this seems like a reasonable goal.

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Three of us is officially a club!

@Scen and @Jay2K you wanna join in too? @Aurora I know you said you’re mega-busy but if you ever wanna, I know I’d be thrilled!

I mean, there are always plans :slight_smile:

Even though the first season of CoH was extended by a little bit, I’m still operating on the assumption that I’m a live contributor to Kupopolis content.

So, the answer is yes, before you even asked!

But Matt, I need validation!!

Awesome though. I can’t wait for more COH!

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I am 100% down for a Discord. Especially since, once I’m back in the office again, I should be able to access Discord via its web-app and still participate. (Unless they’ve changed something in the past six weeks to block that.)

Awesome! We got one up and running.

Only a few days left for people to join the club! Just write a 3 sentence story. Anything!

I think the noodle-of-the-month club is me, Gabe, and Trav right now.

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It feels good to put up posts!

Oh man I blinked and June is almost over! I might write a quick and dirty heist post just to get something out there.

I’m gonna try and get one too! June had a lot happen in it.

Halfway through August! I may end up posting a another half page thing as I flush out another short story.

That sounds good! I’m gonna try to do something this weekend; July and early August had some record busy times at work. :confused: Really hoping I can get on this soon.

I forgot and failed. :confused:

No worries, dude. It’s been a wild summer.

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Hoping to see monthly posts in 2021!!