The Official Avalon Sticky

Hey guys!

If you’re going to post in Avalon, the first thing you should do is join the Avalon group. Joining is easy!

  1. Go to your user profile
  2. Click the “Usergroups” tab
  3. Click the little radio button to join the Avalon group
  4. The board will then ask you if you’re sure you want to join. Like, maybe you fell and clicked the button by mistake or something. Assure the board that, yes, you do want to join this group.

We tried to make it so that everyone could create their own subforums here, but until/unless we do you should post a reply to Tex’s “Thread Request” post. The way we’re hoping this will work is that everyone who writes is free to expand the story setting at will. The world is completely unmapped, with the exception of the two starting locations. If you, say, wanted to extend the story and have your characters explore a series of caverns and mine shafts, we’ll create the forum for you. Want to found a new Avalonian city? Make a request and we’ll create the forum for you!

Also be sure to check out the Wiki, where we’ve made a new subdivision devoted to the Avalon story. It’s all empty red links now, but once things get rolling I’m sure it’ll be populated with lots of Kupop-style profiles and stat sheets.