Space Race + Reborn Powwow

Hey y’all. We’ve been talking about doing a powwow. The goal would be discussing the space race; I’d also like to propose that we use the space race to kick off Reborn.

I find the best way to do these is set a date, and then negotiate the date.

What do you think of sometime on Saturday, January 20th? (I.E., this weekend.) Travis, what times of the day work for you? You’re our biggest question, I think.

What do you think of sometime on Saturday, January 20th? (I.E., this weekend.)

Works for me! Did you want to use slack? and if so does anyone still need help signing into it?

I’m down for it. I’ve got the whole day free, so it shouldn’t be too much of a problem for me to join up anywhere.

I’m down for Slack. I’ve had no trouble with it.

China Saturday night should work, which is Saturday morning in North America.

Sounds good. Lemme check a couple things tonight for time; I may have some errands on Saturday morning.

How’s Sunday morning in case we need a back-up?

My only issue with Saturday is that I was planning to go to the Japanese American National Museum to see a film about Toshiro Mifune in the early afternoon. (2pm-4pm PST)

I kinda actually very really want to see this film.

So, if we do this thing in the morning on Saturday, I think it can work, though I might want to leave around/before noon PST so I can snatch good parking and grab lunch before the show (Downtown LA/Little Tokyo can sometimes be tricky on a weekend). My preferred option though (which means exactly dick if my vote is in the minority) would be for a Sunday powwow, if possible.

I discovered I’ve got a couple obligations Saturday morning, sadly.

What’s Sunday like?

Sunday has the benefit of not having any showings of documentary films about iconic Japanese actors in metropolitan Los Angeles. (that I’m aware of)

That’s beneficial! (I would want to go to that if I lived in LA.)

What about you guys, Jay, Mike, and Trav?

This is my ‘off’ weekend, so Sunday works just as well as Saturday.

Anyone know if anyone who doesn’t check the boards often might wanna hang for a powwow?

Guys lets get Krusader to hang for a powwow.

Hey that’d be cool!

Wonder if we could email him…

Well, I am happy that I am not interfering with Toshiro Mifune. (I always feel kinda bad that he got a lot of crap, because at the time “actor” was a disreputable profession in Japan.)

So let’s talk about Time Zones - China time is sixteen (!) hours off of the US West Coast.

So we have two options, sort of:

China Sunday Night (like, midnight) and USA Sunday morning (like, 8 AM)

China Monday Morning (something like noon for me?) and USA Sunday Night (translates into 8 PM on US west coast.) <—maybe this one is better? I have Monday/Tuesday off…

…whenever I want to game with my brother it requires some planning.

I’m going to the gym Sunday around 10am, so Sunday evening may work best for me. 8 am Saturday works ok for me too.

Wonder if we could email him…

Pretty sure everyone is gonna be getting weekly new forum emails until they turn that off anyway :stuck_out_tongue:

Hahahah. Fair.

Let’s go Sunday evening, then. Mine’s wide open. How is 7 PM Pacific/9 PM Central/?? ?M Chinatime?

Oof. Sunday evening 8pm Pacific time is late for me, as that’s 11pm Eastern. Given I have work at 6am on Monday, a Powwow that late will be tricky to pull off.

…then again, I’m frequently not getting enough sleep as it is, and I have lots of leave accrued… I could always call out of work on Monday.

You know my gym time is flexible, so let’s stick with Sunday morning, 8am PST. I can go in at 11am or noon, which would give us 2-3 hours to chat.

So it sounds like Sunday 8 PM Pacific works best.

…which is Monday at noon for those of us on Beijing time. (Fun fact: China has only one time zone.)