Space Race Notes

Based on the Powwow, here’s what we discussed for the space race.

  • One entry per writer. While there will be “NPC” racers, we’ll only do one entry per person as serious, may win the race results.
  • Every two weeks, we will do a different legs. Our legs are:
  1. Crystal -> Gate
  2. Gate -> Mana
  3. Mana -> Esper
  4. Esper -> Carrion
  5. Carrion -> Kuvalla
  6. Kuvalla -> Merge
  7. Merge -> Alter
  8. Alter -> Foo
  9. Foo -> Light
  10. Light -> Dragon
  • Mike is going to make a script that will automatically generate who is in first place, which racers have beaten which racers, and one interesting event that has randomly occurred.
  • Basically, every two weeks, we each do a post (a short one, more like 1,000 to 2,000 words) about the events of the race.
  • There is a lot of betting and watching of the race in the city of Kupopolis. It’s kind of where people go to spectate. There are also concerts and cultural events being held there. It is a big to-do. There’s also people watching in each dimension as the race comes through.
  • The race is being held to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the GACA. It starts with Crystal to Gate because that’s the first spaceflight in the Web. It ends in Dragon because that’s where the White Cell conflict ended.
  • The space race is a kick-off event for Reborn but not the only kick-off event occurring.

We could use some interesting events for Mike to populate the script with!