Space Race Begins!

With March, we’re kicking off our space race story event!

Every few weeks, we will dice roll in slack to see which race team is in the lead for a stage of the race. After several stages, we’ll discover who is the winner.

As this is our first story event on the new board, expect it to be a slow process as we get our feet wet again.

If you haven’t been following the discussion on slack, for the first few weeks feel free to write introductory character posts before the race itself gets underway. This is a no pressure trial event, so it may extend for the rest of the month.

Also, as this board has badges, we will be awarding them as you post. In the future, these may be handed out automagically as we write!

Have fun!

Awesome! I will try to get some stuff up this weekend; it has been a crazy busy week, like I mentioned on Slack.

I do have a very good story to share, but I’d wanna share it in a locked forum since it’s about my job.