So.... got this working but sleep now

So Matt, Trav, Gabe-- this is still in a “testbed” phase and I need to go to test my own bed, so don’t have time to explain anything.

Where we stand right now is I have the wiki disabled on this same box as this forum which is running under “” (to share logins, they may need to be on the same domain, which I’ll be working on next) and then I’ll work on migrating the forums onto here.


Oh yeah almost sure I’m gonna wipe everything a few times learning how to migrate the old forums over. just a FYI

Sounds good! We’ll wait before we give real content.

I’m playing with stuff. Tags look cool?

Content is updated but its a mess and missing all fo 2017 almost! We’ll discuss during the powwwow.

Got 2017 added :sunglasses:

I will say that I, personally, am having trouble navigating stuff, but that’s just because I believe change is bad and new things are terrible and it’s not like the interface for the old and over time I will get used to it.
More significant comment: posts appear to be manifesting on the board out of order. Which is only really a big deal in our story forums where posts are supposed to be in a sequential order (like, say, in City of Heroes). I’ll play around with this later and see if there’s a way to manually drag them into the proper order.

Also, how do I upload stuff to the Cartography and Flags threads? I have buttloads of Kupop artwork and nowhere to put it


Thanks, Red Marker Moogle! Your disproportionate limbs are as helpful as ever in pointing us in the right direction!