SIMCOW: Who would you pick?

Mike: You see my Nightcrawler icon? [on AIM] One day I just proclaimed in the office WE MUST ALL BE XMEN

Matt: … and you picked Nightcrawler? What’s wrong with you

Mike: no whats wrong with you

Matt: This isn’t about me. YOU are the one picking Nightcrawler

Mike: wolverine was taken by the time I made my proclamation

Matt: If you’d picked Wolverine, that’d almost be worse

Mike: who would you pick?

Matt: Batman.

Mike: he’s not even marvel!

Matt: I know, you’d never expect him. That’s how he’d win.

I’d probably pick Colossus. Huge, strong, muscled as well (much better physique than my fat schlub self), can turn to metal, and a sweet Russian accent.

Magneto isn’t a bad choice, though it depends on criteria. Original team? Core members? We grading on cool factor, power, what?

Magneto technically leads the xmen at one point, so he’s allowed. Anyone who was on the roster at some point is fair game.


The vegan guy from Scott Pilgrim.

I would pick Professor Xavier. I’m old and I’m tired and he is the only one that gets to sit down most of the time (Likely I wouldn’t make a good Xman).

Yeah but Professor X is still the most powerful. And he alwaus gets the best seat.

And the rockin’ head gear.

I’d be Doctor Nemesis, because of fucking course I’d pick an obscure science loving asshole. Also this.

I was about to ask if he was real, then I saw the second screencap. Well played.

Batman. Because he necros posts and you still never see him coming. #batmanalwayswins