Searching for Kupopowiki

I did a Bing search for the Kupopowiki and got this.

…anyone interested in the Highfort Furniture Center, which appears to be based in Hong Kong? Or, perhaps you’re interested in the work history of Anya Vishinski, an SLCM Biker Scout?

Page 2 actually runs afoul of the Great Firewall, which makes me think there must be some hot Mog XXX action going on.


It’s kind of neat Kupopolis ended up in this discussion…I sometimes wonder if we were before our time in some ways…consider:

-Fanfiction has blown up in a big way
-Nostalgia for classic video games (though, at the time we were writing, most were pretty recent…and our relationship to our source material has been kinda loose…)
-Game of Thrones-esque politics.

Ahahaha, wow. Looks like some conspiracy theory? I’m not sure.

And yeah, I think Kupop was in a few ways. We were definitely very big on the worldbuilding and marrying lots of fandoms together with original content. And new “retro” RPGs took off like nobody’s business.

What’s funny is, back in the day, I wanted to get away from the games as fanfic; these days, nostalgia for those games is the root of a lot of my interest (as a close second to nostalgia for Kupop itself).

I read the whole valleyville thread, and it seems like a conspiracy thread, and someone (I’d be interested to know who) mischievously drops in the Kupopowiki link as kind of a troll. And seem people seem to buy it as legit, even though a pretty cursory glance at the wiki would tell you that it’s obviously fictional.

Yeah, I remember we really pushed ourselves to get away from video game source material in some places…there was a “let’s have shitty things happen to surviving FF6 characters!” phase everyone seemed to go through, I decided to pave over the SoM map for the Mana Dimension (reasoning that since Aurora had her own map of Hyrule, I could damn well make my own map, too!), and the incorporation of many other influences. (Tasnica almost certainly owes at least as much to Shadowrun then SoM.) I don’t think we ever even fixed a date of FF4 relative to the “modern” Crystal Dimension – I think I said “a few hundred years” at one point.

Yeah. I know FF4 is like important old history to them and that’s it.

And yeah, it’s kinda funny how it changed and other influences came in. Gundam and Macross informed a lot of my stuff.

It doesn’t surprise me that Valleyville’s on some conspiracy board. I got the idea from this site of supposedly “real” attractions in Central Virginia, which lists Valleyville as “The Town That Doesn’t Exist.” I have my doubts about all of the items on the page, of course, but I latched onto Valleyville as an idea that needed exploring in a story, and Kupopolis gave me the place to do it.

I honestly have no idea who posted the link to Kupopowiki on that conspiracy board, but have to imagine that it was someone trolling them.