So, one thing occurred to me: we’ve still lost some of the old stuff. The posts from the very old AOL boards aren’t archived on the new one; sometimes the older posts (and the newer ones) don’t display so great. Why not have a board to ask if people have old stuff and if they’re willing to post it?

So, to start:

Matt, do you have the original Rajaat stuff?

Mike, do you have the original Seraphim Saga?

Short answer: yes, some.

Long answer: at some point I hooked up my “archive” folder of old stories and digital art to Dropbox; its all in the cloud. The oldest file I could find is from 1998. One file was labeled “kupop.log” which is apparently some old AOL log. My parents would let me online for only an hour at a time so I used to make log files of AOL forums and read them offline.

kupopolis.log looks to have my first posts, as well as this gem:

Subject: Greed
Date: Sun, 09 May 1999 03:27 AM EDT
From: Celiose

Eusic Mori might look older than he really was. Damien Gavalian of Kuat was

in the opposite situation–he looked younger than he really was. The best
plastic surgery and rejuvenation therapy money could buy could do that. Keep
up that dashing playboy image for public relations; that whole family bit was
reading a little bit tired anyway.

Little was known about Damien Gavilian. What was known was that when four

corporations merged to form the Kuat Consortium, each of the four CEOs wanted
to be in charge of the new entity that was at the time the largest
corporation in the Web. Damien Gavalian was the only one who emerged alive.

And now the CEO of Kuat Consortium was ready to deal with an equally

enigmatic dragon.

William Loudan came to the meeting armed. It was part of the whole “tough

guy” image; it helped to point out the duality of business and law that
Centurion Security Services represented. Of course, his Viper needle pistol
would be pointless against an angry dragon. Where the hell had a dragon come
from? he thought. They’re hadn’t been any dragons in Tasnica for centuries.

These meetings typically annoyed him because they dealt with things that had

nothing to do with his line of business. But it would be worth coming all the
way out to Centwerp just to hear this wyrm’s explanation.

Grom Goldmaker was certainly making enough gold t do his dwarven heritage

proud. His Forge Mechanicals was making a killing on the Watts, which had
finally made space construction practical and relatively cheap. Forge was
licensed to make RT-series robots, and the corps had collectively purchased
millions, and almost every family in Tasnica had one as
nanny/butler/housekeeper/pet/advisor. Of all the AAA megacorps, Forge had
grown the fastest. He had
made the skill of the Dwarven blacksmith and machinist into a product and
succeeded with it in such a short time that he still felt that he, not the
huge Dragon at the end of the table, was the new guy.

Aneki Renraku completed the multispecies gathering--he was a Neko, and as

CEO of Republic Interdimensional Bank, was the chairman of this gathering.
Republic Interdimensional was the oldest and wealthiest business in the Web.
Unlike other corporations, Republic Interdimensional’s business was not
weaponry, transportation, power generation, agriculture, or any product at
all–it’s business was wealth, pure and simple. There was a point where
materialism became spirituality, and Renraku was thought of (sometimes
disparagingly) as a “zen businessman” or “monetary purist”.

Renraku called the meeting to order, and called roll.

Tasnica Corporations Council
WR 33
Meeting called at request of Lofwyr of Saeder-Krupp Incorporated
Members Present:
Aneki Renraku, Chairman, representing Republic Interdimensional Bank
Damien Gavalien, representing Kuat Consortium
Mace Merthor, representing Merth Corporation/Tasnicology Computing
William Loudan, representing Centurion Security Services
Eusic Mori, Representing Atreus Syndicate
Seward Qullienheim, representing Bahamaut Productions
Grom Goldmaker, representing Forge Mechanicals
Jordan Hoplite, representing Hoplite Biochemical
Ted Tuna, representing Tuna Media Group
Gabriel, representing Diamond Corporation
Lofwyr, representing Saeder-Krupp Industries


I have almost everything I ever wrote, though the formatting on some is ugly as sin.