Powwow 2019?

Let’s do this again! We might need to shoot out an email to poke some people who aren’t paying attention to boards/slack.

I think a powwow followed by a group movie screening would be fun.

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Ugh, sorry, work’s been hell. D: I’d be down!

Maybe its time for Powwow 2020…??

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Hey, I’m game. Obviously life’s been busy for all of us but it’d be cool to catch up.

Down for it too. We could use Discord? Or whatever.

Discord works for me! I’m not sure if it works for Trav?

Yeah, not sure what works behind the Great Firewall.

We’ve had some luck getting Travis into Discord things in the past… the biggest hurdle has been lining up times. Last I heard Travis was travelling and visiting home, not sure if he’s gone back to the Middle Kingdom yet.

Oh, that’d do it. I wasn’t sure if, uh, the pandemic over there had him evacuated or something, too.

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In his last email to me, he did specifically state that he had not been infected with the coronavirus. So… Hey, good news, right!?

That’s something! Glad he’s, uh, okay at least.