Plot Idea During the Space Race

So, after the Powwow, I had an idea. One thing we discussed was that the city of Kupopolis ends up being a place where people watch the race – and where a lot of associated cultural events are held. I was thinking that some of this is done by private individuals, wanting to make a name for themselves.

One idea I’m playing with is a race between an arm of the Neo-Returners Liberation Front and a group of Phoenix Knights to claim a cache of magicite that ended up out in the wild. To that end, I was thinking of having an event where a famous collector (maybe, like, related to Owzer, the obese art collector from FF6) of sundries, curios, and rare artifacts is displaying his wealth. The NRLF group I’m writing crashes it, to steal magicite.

I feel like there’s an opportunity to collaborate. There’s people this fellow hired for security; there’s also a huge variety of things he could own, that other groups could want, and it could be a clusterfuck of people trying to steal and hijack his fancy party, which he’s holding while a lot of famous, rich people are in Kupopolis to watch the space race in style.

What do y’all think? Does anyone else want in on this?

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I hit up my friend Nick to see if he’d be interested, it would be fun to play up a heist story.

Yes, I could think of some famous, rich Kupopolians I want to attend.

Sweet. Trav, you think you’d also be interested in any crooks or anything?

Yes, I’m sure I can have some crooks!

I actually have a “Binder Full of Characters” (BFOC) that is MOSTLY various criminals and enemies for the Kuper heroes – I’m sure I can settle on one for stealing something.

Ooooo handy! That sounds fun.