Hey everybody! So, we’re trickling back in. Do y’all wanna keep with Avalon? I certainly can; I also don’t mind if we don’t, picking up a year later can be rough.

But! I thought it best to throw the idea out there.


Here I am almost a year late and a couple bucks short. But I think there’s no reason we shouldn’t keep posting in Avalon as the mood strikes us, acknowledging that we’re all in our 30s and real life sometimes gets in the way of doing really cool things (like Kupopolis).

Hahah, no worries. I’ll see about a post or two. I should sit down and do some more writing in general too. (Leviathan shouldn’t be a one arc wonder.)

pfft, Kupopolis is all about decompressed storytelling.

…I actually have some White Cell posts coming soon. I am, as a true Kupopolis writer, torn between the many Kupopolis projects I wish to pursue, and the hard reality of not having enough time to do it. I am setting a writing goal of 100k words for this year, though…which, I know the Celiose of old could’ve banged out in his sleep, and obviously word counts aren’t everything, It has been really fun diving back into the story and I have lots of ideas I’d like to do.