My Very First Kupopolis Post

I hesitate to post this. I was checking what I had; I found this buried in some long outdated notes. I was surprised to find it and more surprised that I saved it. It’s the very first thing I wrote for the story. I’ll be blunt: this isn’t good. But, it’s a look back, and maybe it’s worth a couple of laughs.

It was, apparently, titled “Airships.” It contains no dialogue or characterization. Nothing actually happens. It is painfully brief. I probably wrote it when I was… jeez. 16? 17?

Nikeah. It was as it always was, surging with activity. People bustled about, on some important buisness, usually related to the ships that came through the port, carrying goods from Albrook or South Figaro. Crates and cages lined the walls, and merchants sold their goods in the open. Buildings of wood were just past the ocean.

And it was near one of these buildings that something different was happening. It was newly constructed; part of several buildings the town had added. It was large, two stories, and wasn’t meant for a house. It was roughly the size of a large tavern or inn. Out in the back of it was a huge green field. And in that green field, six airships were parked.

Also, running around these airships were men in blue, black, and white. Usually, they wore a blue coat, with a white shirt and black pants, but there were variations. Six had goggles on their heads, placed just above their eyes at the moment.

One of those was Mic Hosluft. He was somewhat short, about five-eight. He wore a short blue coat, just ending a few inches past his waist. The goggles on his forehead ruffled his dusky brown hair, and left his brown eyes open. The jacket was left open, and his white cotton shirt was visible. He had black pants, with brown leather boots that came up to mid-calf. His arms were bare from mid-bicep down, and he had a sword sheath hanging from the belt he wore.

Mic was a Sky Rider, one of eighteen men who had formed a coalition of airship pilots. They all had equal power in the organization, but had secured a base in Nikeah. They were a commercial group, so it wasn’t a real problem with the military. However, since it was well known that some non-Sky Rider pilots weren’t very scrupulous, so they were well-armed.

But for now, the Sky Riders had a building to open.