My face hurts

the hard reset is here

i am going to go into my office in about an hour

i have been up since like… 10pm yesterday?

if i can still do shit like this, as if it were still 1997, then fuck yeah i can write a damn kupopolis post by the end of the week


stop forcing my subject lines to be capitalized internet

I’ve been looking at the board to see who would post this month.:joy:

I hope to get another one page post for the heist up this weekend.

I’m gonna try! It’s been a hell of a last month; ear infection, found out I’m at high risk for COVID, and work got super busy.

Hope you’re all right, Matt!

Oh no! I just got results back yesterday, negative here. You guys both take care of yourselves!!! We’re not spring chickens no more.

Haven’t been tested for COVID yet, but have done my best to avoid all humans since, like, March.

I suffer now because of my natural nocturnal proclivities, which I of course did not deem fit to deal with before this morning.

I’m lucky: LAUSD is going all remote this school year. But for some reason they’re having us keep the school offices open. So what this looks like is me and the rest of the administration and staff – six people, including custodial – on campus with zero kids five days a week. It’s going to be so, so strange.

THAT HAVING BEEN SAID, I definitely think this was the right call because in normal times children are filthy stupid disease-ridden flesh bags who never fail to get me sick every winter, so removing the likelihood that some hapless child will bring corona within striking distance of my person in the name of self-betterment by way of an in-person K-5 education is a net positive in my book. (my book’s title is “Matt Does Not Want To Get Corona,” by Matt Hoffman, with a foreword by Matt Hoffman, available in hardcover and on Audible)

That’s good! I’ve been about the same; the last time I went out was to an urgent care for, uh, when I had an earache so bad I was waking up in sharp pains at 4:30 a.m. I went in there like I’d entered the goddamn plague factor.

I’m glad LAUSD isn’t fucking around! Texas’s approach appears to be summarized as:

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…my life is about 95 percent back to normal.

Although the closure of the Consulate kind of freaked me out.

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