Must be 10 Characters Long

So I just posted a thing. And I wasn’t going to accompany it with a notes/OOC post of any kind, except by way of pointing one thing out:

The title of the post is, of course, the prisoner number mentioned in the text. Originally, the post title was: “GT482B7,” but when I went to post it, it said it wasn’t long enough.

So after I suppressed my go-to response (i.e. destroy everything in sight that could be reasonably interpreted as standing in the way of an immediate goal), I instead added three more digits to the post title.

So now it’s canon that Guardian prisoner numbers have to be at least 10 characters long.

I tried to say “SEEMS LEGIT” and it told me it needed to be 20 characters long.

It is a built-in security measure to stop spam and flame comments. I think there’s a configure value someplace to lower that number but its not recommended.

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