So lately (as in the last couple of years), I’ve been listening to albums from OCRemix because what is money and how do I get some? Also, because the nostalgia trip is fun. And thus, my first recommendation, for people who haven’t heard it: the FF6 album! Found here:

It’s four discs of remixed FFVI music. The music is solid; they got this thing Kickstarted awhile back and each track is well put together. Some of it’s definitely leaning hard on the remix side, which can be a your mileage may vary thing for some tracks. However, altogether, it holds up. The highlights for me include:

  1. The very techno-y rendition of The Returners theme.
  2. The lounge singer remix of Setzer’s theme.
  3. The last dungeon’s theme remixed as a march.
  4. Shadow’s theme, Wild West style.
  5. The rock opera version of the opera song.

Best of all, it’s free. It’s worth a listen for sure.

10 hours to download a 500 mb file?

“What’s it like like living in China, Travis?”

The Great Firewall is real, dude.

Holy hell, that’s crazy bad. The VPN doesn’t do anything to get around it?

The VPN let’s you get around blocking – sometimes. But it has it’s own problems; mainly, it’s slow. Like, really slow. Like I downloaded the old City of Heroes character creator to mess around with, and it took over 24 hours to finish. (For, what, like 8 gigs?)

Damn! Is it the VPN or their internet structure?

I’m guessing you gotta have a VPN to get online, too?

Do we need to mail you over hard drives? Would that be faster?

Man, I bet I could load some of this on a USB Drive and snail mail it.