So I put up a bit of a “minisode”, labeled 9.5. Fun fact: Episode 7 (Spring Break) was an idea I had a long long time ago, and I always intended to have these follow up scenes. They didn’t really fit so well in other posts, though, so I did this small, standalone post to have it.

Matt has finished his student teaching and we’ll be resuming our regularly scheduled posting soon.

Heh. I look at CoH as like this-- the regular eps are TV. A minisode like this is like a series of webisodes, short little scenes that further the characters.

Yeah, that’s a good way of looking at it.

I was thinking about some other things I might want to write between seasons (at some point I need to revisit Fara’s origin story, because it was on the AOL boards, and also not very well-written.) But of course, the priority for the most part is getting the regularly scheduled programming done. One of the nice things about CoH is that it’s comparatively focused…in the waning days of Proper, I felt so overwhelmed, that writing anything made me feel guilty for not paying sufficient attention to something else.