Mid-Season Break OVER!!

Tonight/this morning marks the end of the City of Heroes mid-season break!! The series returns with Episode 7, wherein we pay silly homage to the silver age of comics. It’s largely a Shield/Osprey episode, with special appearances by Kamiko and (briefly) Biminberrick the Gryphon Hand.

I’m a little ashamed that it took us this long to get back up and running: I told myself that we were going to beat “Walking Dead” in coming back from break, but we ended up being three weeks behind. For shame. But we have a few episodes in the can and ready to go, so Episode 8 will drop next Sunday, and we’ll keep up the schedule until the season finale in Episode 12.


We’re back! Huzzah!


Woo hoo! Looking forward to reading it all!

kinda appropriate that the Spring Break post happened around Spring Break.