Mana Sword Owner's Guide

Thought it’d be neat to share this. Fara’s powers and abilities with the sword will grow over time. (So like in Reborn, she could go all Super Saiyan Mana Knight!)

I’m still tweaking it. I suppose I should probably add something about it being able to be summoned as different styles of sword, with Fara most commonly favoring broadswords and zweihanders despite her flirtation with kenjutsu. (I mean, she’s Tasnican, and with all the various Asian influences elsewhere in the story, I’m sorta fine with Tasnica being more Germanic/Western/European…man, I’ve watched lots of youtube videos on swords as part of my research.)

Also worth checking out: <LINK_TEXT text=“ … list_Magic”></LINK_TEXT>, the school of magic this is heavily based on. (I kinda regret not being able to get a Kupopolis trademark on “Elementalist” the way Matt managed to lock down “Gate”. But that’s life.)

Mana Sword Owner’s Guide

The Cardinal Rule of Elementalist Combat: For defense use the same element, for offense use the opposite!

Quick Reference Wheel:

Gnome (Earth) – Sylphid (Air)

Lumina (Light) – Shade (Darkness)

Althenar (Life) – Kelthalis (Death)

Sola (Sun) – Luna (Moon)

Dryad (Nature) – Ofanite (Man)

Undine (Water) – Salamando (Fire)

The Elementals and You

Gnome (Earth) – Protective barriers against bullets and physical objects; turning enemies to stone; localized earthquakes

Sylphid (Air) – Lightning and air; also spells of detection

Lumina (Light) – Protective barriers against energy; increased speed (“Blades of Light!”)

Shade (Darkness) – Unleash dark force, Dispelling magic; attacks enemy’s will; strong vs. “Holy” opponents

Althenar (Life) – Greatly increased health regeneration; effective vs. undead

Kelthalis (Death) – Disease, rot; poisons, and other effects which weaken the opponent; cause fear/terror

Sola (Sun)- The most concussive force (like a Warhammer);

Luna (Moon) - The sharpest cutting edge; can effect probability and luck; can do curious things, “chaos magic”

Dryad (Nature) – Ensnare enemy in plants; put enemies to sleep with flower spores; beast dominion

Ofanite (Man) – Interferes with technology; localized EMP effects

Undine (Water) – Freezes things;

Slamando (Fire) – Sets things on fire!

Time and Environment

Environment can impact an Elemental’s effectiveness; Undine is much stronger on the ocean than in a desert! Additionally, each Elemental has its own month on the calendar; each elemental will be stronger (and its opposite weaker) in its chosen month.

What About Magic Users?

The Sword can cut through the very strands of magic itself. This is really handy, but there are some limitations on this. First, you need to be close enough to use your Sword; if an opponent uses spells to buff themselves, you can’t get rid of them unless they are in melee range. The weaves around an enchanted object cannot be undone without destroying the physical object.

Intrinsic abilities of certain magical beings cannot be countered this way, as the weave of magic is too closely intertwined with them. (Undoing these weaves requires killing them!) These include certain abilities of Espers, Dragons, Fiends, and Gods and Demigods.

Please note: You are countering the spell’s mana, not its physical effects. (To deal with the effects, see Elemental Combat, above.) A savvy mage can still fight you.

Example A: The Black Mage casts a fire spell on you. You slice the weave, batting the spell aside.

Example B: The Black Mage casts a fire spell on the cache of explosives on the other side of the room. You’re too far to cut the weave, so you’d better get for a big boom!

In theory, this would even work against Balefire. But that’s kind of dangerous to test. In would not, however, work against Ultima, as Ultima detonates the strands of Mana to release energy; Ultima is also non-elemental damage. Not for nothing is Ultima considered an extremely dangerous spell!