Making a List of in-Universe Equivalents

So a few have been well-established for a long time:
Omninet = Internet. Which was actually a godsend when it came, because in-story we had space dreadnaughts before the internet. And it was actually kind of clever for it to evolve out of the Omnisent and their stated goal of free information.

A few others:
TunaPages = Various social media. (Including Tuna Instant Messenger, or TIM, a popular messaging app which will never die.)
NuTube = Youtube? This was a throwaway comment from Mike in an OOC discussion, but I have no problem making it canon

Any other common/useful ones?

This would make for a good wiki article! Nothing comes to mind at the moment unfortunately.

Kimuland = A message-board based story on the TunaPages OmniNet service, where people write story posts and collaborate in maintaining an elaborate interactive story universe, largely based on elements imported from the Tenbu Saga series of RPG video games, DamoGun anime and other pop-culture references. Clearly based on Mog’s Realm.

Where’s the Mog’s Realm revival website ten years plus after the fact?


I thought not!

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Behind the scenes I’ve been trying to pull in the old kuproper story posts into this site—and I came across a post @Celiose started 15 years ago…

Here in Kupopolis, we Kupopolitans can be a little selfish and lazy at times. Actually, most of us are like that all the time. We are struck with this dilemma of having to write in a made-up world, while at the same time creating things that relate to readers who are very much in the real-world. So sometimes there are references to real-world things stuck into our made-up world that exhibit varying degrees of cleverness. And sometimes, there are references that are just silly. Like, painfully silly. SO HERE`S A LIST OF THE TEN MOST SILLY!!

10 - The Executor Well, this one isn’t really silly. I suppose. For those who don’t know, it’s also always been said that the Grand Army’s anthem is “The Imperial March.” I just thought it belonged here because it fit the theme, and I was working toward a complete 10.

9 - The West As a setting, the Republic of West has been really used well by Gabe, Jerry and Jay. … but what’s with the name? I can understand wanting a place in Kupopolis to have Spaghetti Western themes and settings and stories, but… West? West of what?

8 - SkyNet It’s a super computer in Ticondera that controls defense and spy satellites. … I’ll be back!!!

7 - Red Mog A random quote from someplace on the internet, circa October 2002:

“Dude, don’t tell me that they are phasing out red dog. it’s cheap and it’s good. i was a mick lite drinker but wanted something with taste. red dog has it!!
Love it
Have one in my hot little hand right now, can of course!!”

Could “K-drinker” be from Kupopolis?.. Hmm…

6 - Ted Tuna Okay. I’m sorry. It was funny at the time. I’m really sorry. Really. Someday I will redeem myself for this, I swear.

5 - Kuors Lite This one is really, really silly. I mean, come on. Isnt it painful? Am I wrong?? Geez, you guys. And Im apologizing for Ted Tuna!?

4 - Jack Daneels Does it bother anyone else that liquor references, as a group, dominate this list? You bunch of lushes. :-p  

3 - Damogun Damogun. Gundam. Goddamn.   :slight_smile:

2 - K-pop - groan It`s bad enough in the real world, guys. Why? WHY!?!?

And the number one most silly real-world reference in Kupopolis is…

1 - Bertha Javelins Of course, you knew she’d be getting the top spot. Britney? Bertha? Spears? Javelins? Get it?.. you know, I heard her javelins aren’t even real anyway…

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you know…I’m actually a giant K-Pop fan now…

also, if this joke is 15 years old…is kinda far ahead of its time? K-Pop didn’t even really break out in Asia until like the tail end of the 2000s, and has become popular in the West only recently.

My friend’s 6 year old is wearing k-pop gear now. Pre-covid I was in a barns and noble and they had a k-pop section. Its crazy.

This one came from our heist roleplay sessions, I’m going to attribute it to @XStryker

Omnigram - a clone of Instagram on the omninet, where web-of-worlds level influencers spread stories about what’s popular

Dude, the crazy part about seeing a K-Pop section in Barnes and Noble is not that it has a K-pop section, it’s that book stores still exist.

(Though maybe not anymore!)