I’m thinking around about 10pm-ish (whenever I’m done watching game of thrones tonight) I’m gonna remove the signup link from the front page, and moogle.club will be invite only.

I’ll probably also add a authentication key to the signup page. This authenticated signup page link will only be visible to registered users to share with close nerdy friends, and be time sensitive.

Let me know if you have any questions! (Also gonna see why forms are still publicly visible.) :smiley:

Good plan. If people who ask for stuff need approval, let me know; I’m happy to help with that.

Ok we are now locked down!! I changed the template code to not load any posts, threads or forums if you are not logged in.

You’ll notice the footer now has a “register” link when logged in. Send this link to your friends if you want to sign them up.

We should be good against random people singing up now, and hopefully most bots.

(todo: remove “0 guests” from view list)