Kuvalla (Post-White Cell)

The former Kingdom of Kuvalla (about the size of Washington State) has been a communist nation ever since the Moogle Wars™, though the people whisper in secret that the King will one day return.
With Scande a shadow of its former self following the GA Civil War, Kuerra (the communist leader of Kuvalla) has become increasingly paranoid.There are enemies all around her, and there’s that damn “whispering in secret” thing the people keep doing. Some say Kuerra’s days are numbered.

Sultanate of Kumar
Kumar is the third largest of the Kuvallan nations, occupying the entirety of the Kumari Desert on the Western coast of the Kuvallan continent. Kumar is a leader in the mining and refining of magic minerals (in particular magilyte), and it derives great wealth from its trade in magilyte on the Web market.
Being possessed of a deeply-ingrained cultural intolerance of humans, yetis and outsiders in general, the Kumaris were among the most defiant of the Kuvallan nations in the face of White Cell’s ultimatum.

Kupira is a series of four large islands just off the Kuvallan Continent’s East coast. Connected by four large, sturdy bridges that have been around since ancient times, the islands of Kupira are enchanted to duplicate the conditions found in the Seasonal Forests of the Upperlands in the Mana Dimension (one in perpetual winter, one in spring, one in autumn and one in summer) Kupira was originally settled long ago, but experienced a mass influx of refugees from the Mana Dimension during the Hivan War, when a Hivan colony was established in the Upperland forest.

Forest Nation of Kudor
Kudor is, border to border, a lush, vibrant forestland of gigantic trees. Rather than plow through this centuries-worth of old growth forest, the Kudorian moogles have instead built their lives around the trees, living in fanciful treetop villages. Movement between the villages is effected through rope bridges, crude elevators, swing-vines, zip-lines, thickly knotted rope ladders and animal-skin gliders. The villages are reportedly protected by an intricate series of swinging log traps, boulder-dropping mechanisms, pitfalls, trip-vines and other such woodland warfare devices that would obviously be the bane of any highly-mechanized imperialistic foe that would attempt to subdue the dennizens of the forest nation of Kudor.
(while the “defenses” didn’t exactly work during the Moogle Wars™, Kudor did remain largely safe, but more because maneuvering the AAA Corps’ war machines through the gigantic trees was a tremendous hassle. If White Cell had come to Kuvalla, surely they would have felt the same way about Kudor.

The Technocracy of Kudern
Of all the nations of Kuvalla, Kudern was always the most technologically advanced. This was the home of mooglish engineering web-wide; where the best and brightest minds of the mooglish race worked toward the common good of every moogle. It is also the birthplace of the legendary Thunder Moogle air superiority fighter, the bane of GA air forces during the KMT war.

The Tasnican Moogle States (aka the Principality of Kudel)
During the Moogle Wars™, all six Kuvallan nations banded together to repel a massive invasion staged by the Tasnican AAA corps – a war fought basically just for the corps to prove that they could do such a thing if they felt like it. The corporate forces made landfall in the Northern part of the Kuvallan continent, on the shores of the Principality of Kudel. And, unfortunately, Kudel was where the majority of the fighting was done. After the war, Tasnica annexed Kudel and renamed it The Tasnican Moogle States.
After the war, Kudel’s independence was restored, but the nation has been irrevocably changed by its experience as a Tasnican state – largely for the better. For one, Kudel now boasts a cosmopolitan population of races from all throughout the Republic: moogles, humans, nekos, dwarves, primans, todos and krydions all. Kudel has also retained republican democracy from its time as a Tasnican state (although they have reinstated their Prince as a symbollic figurehead).
Kudel’s independence, however, sets it at odds with Kumar. Not only is Kudel now a trade rival (thanks to the influence of Tasnica), but it’s absolutely lousy with non-moogles. The two nations are as bitter rivals as has ever been seen in Kuvallan history.