Kuproper, Neo, and Legends

One of the projects I’ve had on the back-burner is migrating kupopolis.com posts to a locked private forum on this site. This has been brought back to the forefront as kupopolis.com is no more. I had lost the databases, but fortunately Jerry actually had left them on a cloud storage dropbox link and was able to recover them for me once again (yeet). I’m in the process of grabbing the kupopolis.com domain too, but ran into a capitalist hurdle which has delayed that task for a few months.

So a little progress update: I was able to set up the database programs needed to look at the databases on my laptop, and of the 4 files it appears at least one of them is all of proper, neo, and legends. (Perhaps some iron writer too, not 100% sure).

The next step, which is somewhat of a big one, is cleaning up the 7,000+ posts to be formatted for discourse, map them to threads, and curate some of the chaff of bad datasets that seem to creep into the db towards the end as the site become more hacked. The end result should be a forum similar to Gaiden that will have aol classic (the classics thread), kupopolis proper, neo, and legends. If I discover there is iron writer stories I’ll make a subforum for that as well.

Questions for you guys:

  1. Should I make accounts for old kupopolis people not on this site presently? Doing so would put them on our email list so they would be made aware that their content has shown up at this new domain.
  2. Should I migrate old users’ content at all? I might just move anyone who has written a post on here in the last 2-3 years, even if they have an account oh here.
  3. Should I migrate ooc posts? Personally browsing through the content it was fun to re-read a few of the discussions, but I would prefer to just keep it to story posts for references.
  4. Do you guys have any concerns or questions?

[quote=“Michael, post:1, topic:410”]

  • Should I make accounts for old kupopolis people not on this site presently? Doing so would put them on our email list so they would be made aware that their content has shown up at this new domain.[/quote]

Hey, I actually know about this from codes of ethics from my job! We get this sometimes – someone sends something to someone (often the government) and it ends up in the archives.

Basically: I would not make a username for them here unless they sign up. Or, at least, I would not provide login credentials until they ask. The moment they do, grant it to them. That way we’re not opening ourselves to lots of inactive accounts, attached to emails that may or may not be compromised, and having a security threat, but we respond if they need it.

Absolutely. I think it’s important to keep the context in place. My reasoning for this is an archival concept called respect du fronds, which means that you always – if at all possible – keep like records and materials together, by their creator, and in the order the creator used. Original order for electronic records is interesting because that order’s easily changed. But, the context of stuff that former writers made is vital. There are ways to respect their privacy, though.

I’ll talk about this in my next response.

If someone shows up and wants it removed, I think we should make it so only the administrator account can see it. (I don’t believe we should delete it forever. Legally, they would have no grounds to demand we remove it, unless it contained their personal information under certain classifications; their email is often one such classification under various privacy laws, and I’d be sure that others can’t access that.)

Yes, but I’d restrict it, if possible. For example: migrate OOC posts over, but make them a thing you need to be logged in to see. That way, it’s not there to be found in whatever means someone feels like.

For story posts, I’d make them open. We could anonymize them somehow – make them show to the public as “Former Kupopolis Writer” for example – if there’s concerns about privacy. We may need to have a generic content warning system or something for older posts; I recall one Neo writer did some stuff that’s considerably more explicit than we’ve typically written. I would be concerned about someone finding that and getting upset, though only marginally. A little care would be wise.

A general boilerplate about past writings isn’t bad; I definitely want an asterisk by some of my political thought for things I wrote about the EU (that are mostly lost, but if we ever found them), because that came from a period in my life where I had some ugly thoughts and they came out in my writing. Basically, we live in the age we do; a system to warn people about certain content isn’t a bad idea.

I’m all for it! Let’s preserve our history.

Wow dude, there are some good learnings from what you wrote!
So My takeaways:

  • I’m actually going to date everything their original post dates, so it should all show up in order!
  • All the users have an ID number 1~150, so for older anonymous writers I can do “Writer23” and have an email account point to the kupopolis general email (generalissmo@kupopolis.club)
  • I was going to make ALL the old posts login only as it was.
  • I can do a caveat sticky that this was written by young adults, may not reflect the authors’ current views, and may contain explicit content