Kupopowiki Revival Thread

Jerry was gracious enough to put the extra effort in and yank some database info. I’m going to try and put it up again at wiki.kupopolis.club until we get the .com domain pointed back over to it.

Here’s a Log of the work so far:

8:35PM - Downloaded the gunzipped versions of the wiki database, and imported it locally to an apache server running off my laptop using MAMP and phpmyadmin. Looking through the data it seems like a hefty chunk of content is there, but also lots of junk data from several hacked accounts.
9:01PM - Downloaded a copy of mediawiki. Once I get that working locally, I should be able to export the content into a new clean updated database before configuring a live server. This may take some time as I have no clue what the compatibility of the different versions are between our old wiki and the most recent version.

Sounds good! Thanks, Mike. Let us know if we can help in any way.

9:39 - Well shit guys, that was easier than expected. Ran out to grab a pizza, came back and discovered there was a “install from an existing database” function. Works on my machine now, going to clean out some users before exporting for live.
9:55 - Removed about 50 or so fake users. (You guys should still be able to log back in here in a sec, PM me if you need your account name or what e-mail address that it gets sent to) Upload the wiki app to the server right now as I export the updated DB. Slightly different config with my webhost but should be ok.
10:05 - The new DB is seems to be too big to upload all at once, breaking it up into chunks to upload incrementally.
11:08 - Hitting more snags getting the db up to the sever. managed to set up a SFTP to the root, and going to try a shh command to import–similar to what jerry was trying to do to export.
11:21 - Updated and clean database is finally live again! For nostalgia’s sake I out on a FF medley, and the terminal command finished importing as Sephiroth’s theme ended. DUN DUN DUNNN!

[size=150]WIKI IS A GO![/size]


Mike = A God.

oh man I am laughing so hard

we used image shack to host our images

…and they are still there

[quote=“faits”]oh man I am laughing so hard

we used image shack to host our images

…and they are still there


Hey, it was the early aughts. We did what we had to!

Does this mean we’re moving all those to imagur?

Yeah I was kinda surprised about that too. There’s still some broken images (like the logo). If anyone spots anything else major like that let me know, I’ll toss something up.

Mike, would adding a link to the wiki on the main page of Moogle Club be hard? It’d be handy while we’re needing to access it a lot for planning purposes.

Sure thing.

Awesome. Thank you!