Kupopolis in 2019!

Having got to hang out with Trav and Matt, I have a few personal goals and resolutions for this year.

  1. Write a space race post a month, if anyone wants to jump in feel free but I’ll aim to go through the motions just to build momentum. Maybe in the future we can revisit the event concept.

  2. Email system attached to the board seems to be broken, so no one can get emails and join ATM. So fixing that is on my to-do list.

  3. More shenanigans – I have proper zine software now, so revisiting that. Also a Kupop game night would be fun.

What are your guys’ goals and resolutions?

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Oh ho. Yeah, that’s one of my NY goals. I’m doing PAX South so I’m gonna, like, do that then look at maybe doing Sunday write times; just try to write something for Kupop on Sunday, even if it’s 500 words of a post and I call it a day.

Shenanigans would be cool. Game night would be fun.

Maybe stream some movie or anime and group watch sometime.

That would be fun. I’m still a huge anime nerd. Also doing a twitch stream of a Jackbox party game would be a low entry since anyone with a mobile phone can play.

(insert marvelously written post here, which describes my current state of being, discusses all of the fantastic plans I have for 2019 vis a vis Kupopolis, and inquires generally as to how the rest of you all are doing)

btw does anybody know the minimum wage for a waitress in arizona?