Kupopolis Flags

Let’s see those flags of the web of worlds.


I thought it appropriate that the first flag posted here should be that of the Tasnica Republic.


Flag of the Kingdom of Guardia


In the Kingdom of Guardia, the Guardian Space Fleet is highly prestigious. So much so that it gets its own flag. None of the other branches of Guardian armed services get flags. They’re not special enough.


At one point Travis asked me to do a flag for Eblan. This one is modeled after the Eblan flag that Square designed. I don’t remember if I altered what the characters across the top of the shield say. (or whether the crescent-moon devices were an original part of the flag, or something I added to reflect Kupopolis Eblan’s native Lunarist religion)


Flag of the Magocracy of Mysidia. Again, from the original Square art flag, but with a quasi-commie slogan appended to the bottom.


Flag of the Underground Kingdom in Crystal. The runes on the side are Dethek (from Forgotten Realms), but of course the runes down the center band are from Diablo II. I forget what that rune word says, but it makes a pretty cool weapon if I recall correctly


Flag of the Porcine Republic.

The easiest, dumbest flag I designed in my spate of Kupop flag designs.


A banner design I made for Aurora for the Drow city-state of Zhanduril. Because of Zhanduril’s influence among the other Drow cities, this emblem is probably more widely-used as a general Drow flag outside of the underdark.


Flag of the Merge League.


Flag of the Kingdom of Forthena. … Probably could do with a re-work because it looks kinda chunky and weird.


Flag of the Beast Kingdom on Alter-Mana. … I might re-do this one because it looks like nazi werewolves.


Flag of the Kingdom of Naba’al.


Flag of the Holy City of Wendel.


Flag of the Republic of Porre.


Flag of El Nido.


Flag of the Xsian Empire (from Legends)

I had an EU flag back in the day but with the eyes of a 36 year-old, I realize it was a shoddy knockoff of a Zeon flag and thus actually a shitty Nazi flag. I’m not doing a Nazi flag, that’s getting retconned.

(I mean, the whole “the EU is fascist” thing is like the one thing from Kupopolis that I feel legitimately embarrassed and awkward about.)

I might adjust the proportions of the Tasnican flag so that it’s even…for a while I didn’t like how it sort-of resembled a bunch of flags like Norway/Sweden/Denmark, but given Tasnica’s clear nordic influence, I can live with that.

I think there are a couple of flags that could use an HD makeover… also, at least the Tasnican flag is not evocative of nazis. That being true, I think you’re ahead of the game.