Kupopolis Characters

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Troy Sordana, striking a morally ambiguous pose inside the Architect Entertainment Studios building before the closure of the City of Heroes MMO. RIP Paragon City…

Classic Shield.

Seraphim Shield.

Terry Shale (mild-mannered alter-ego)


Orlando Desden

Gorgio Gaebora


Danarael the Chalice (aka Rajaat before his Fall)

ZAPS Director Daniel Chalasser (Rajaat in disguise)

A Griffon Hand. (Square artwork from Secret of Mana)


Damcyanese smuggler (and Fara Somers’ suitemate at U of A), Violante Vaquero

Beretta, mercenary gunslinger from West and one of the Master’s minions.

Jin Gangdao, Triad enforcer.

…this character actually probably exists because of me messing around with the CoH character creator and I thought the various Chinese-themed things were cool.

Fara, just chilling.

…one downside of the character creator is there’s no sense of scale. Fara is actually quite a bit shorter than most of the other characters. I mean, she’s not exactly short – at like five foot four, that’s probably pretty average for a young woman from a rich Core country in the Web. But most of the other characters are over six feet.

…remember that next time she wrecks a giant robot.

Marcus, before and after becoming Fiend of Earth:

See, the Marcus shows the problem I’m talking about…before, he’s not that tall, perhaps even a bit on the short and spry side, but obviously that changes once he becomes a giant earth monster.

Eric “Fasthand” Freed

Sean Kellington as Sebastian “Baz” Bashka