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Hey guys! Just wanted to post an update.

So I moved forward initially on a php platform, but I’ve ditched the entire codebase to rebuild it purely in JavaScript with node.is and react.js

Why am I doing this?

  • I’m taking to heart Dustin’s suggestion of building a public codebase that other enthusiasts can add to. Php’s popularly is decreasing as newer libraries such as node.js are increasing in popularity.

  • my current job has taken me away from php, and I’ve been learning literally cutting edge methods of development. Some of the actual programming language I’ve been working on didn’t exist this time last year. Putting these methods into practice will further attract enthusiasts, and give me practice in using these new technologies.

  • it will make it easier to implement some if the “wow” features I had mentioned such as updates in real time, multiuser writing, the site “learning” related content and making suggestions.

As I mentioned, thus project will be done in months and not weeks, and this change will definitely push the project back.

I’m working on a basic pass at this point which is mostly user controls and user posting. Once I get this done in the new code I’ll try and stick it up someplace for everyone to see.

Thanks for your patience!

So its been a year (yikes!!!), times to give a new update!

The Alpha was released earlier this year, and from that I learned a few good lessons about architecting the build.

One of the benefits of the early web (which sliver fits into) is is data, client and services can all be one server.

I started the build using a microservices approach which means data, client, and services were all separate applications.

This meant three times the hosting bill. Since the software is cutting edge, that came out to be 60 bucks a month.

Which meant scrapping the whole thing and starting fresh.

I’m currently working on a beta app which is intended to be the replacement to sliver.

Its called Gallus: github.com/mjlemay/gallus

No ETA when this will be complete, but I feel this is something that I can build a bigger community off of and really start doing some cool things with.

Oooooo nice!

I love having it on GitHub. Thanks, Mike. Lemme know if there’s anything I can do.

Not much of an update but the approach I’m going with now is to build a base login system and go from there. I’ve had some work issues since my last update so progress has been slow.

I’f you’re interested, I’ve going to try and move forward with a starter kit the NY Times’ devs have put out: https://github.com/NYTimes/kyt

The primary reason is that this will bundle a sever and a client into one build like how sliver is was originally built. This should cut down on costs–aiming for an app that will cost around 20 bucks a month to host. Experience tells me this is about the price point where your hosting doesn’t become a lemon.

So still ever-so-slowly marching forward. :arrow:

Rock! You’re awesome, Mike.

[quote=Tex post_id=1135 time=1486926906 user_id=50]
Rock! You’re awesome, Mike.

If I was awesome, I’d have something to deliver by now!!

So I’m curious though, moving forward I’m thinking of using firebase https://firebase.google.com/ for some of the nitty-gritty stuff I don’t like to code. Its free (25 bucks a month if we ever had more then 100 people using our site at once…I think at best we had 7 at once) but essentially google holds all our data. It would give us some solid security and I feel it would get me over the hurdle of back-end work (databases and login authentication) that Dustin did initially for sliver.

Our next app would be then in the cloud! Database as a service, login as a service… How fun is that??? Clouds…

Not sure what you guys feel about this? At the end of the day some company holds our data somewhere, might as well be be google, right?

I’m fine with it. I mean…

At this point, you can’t get away from the Cloud. I feel like it’s becoming like having our money in banks: it can go terrifyingly wrong but watcha gonna do?

Yeah, Mike, if it makes it easier for you, you should do it.

Also, maybe I’m missing it, but is there a way to add a “go to first unread” post button to the top level?

“Go to latest post” makes sense for most boards, but it’s kind of a weird way to read a story, where it might take you to the end of a post.

[quote=Celiose post_id=1193 time=1489818804 user_id=56]
Also, maybe I’m missing it, but is there a way to add a “go to first unread” post button to the top level?

“Go to latest post” makes sense for most boards, but it’s kind of a weird way to read a story, where it might take you to the end of a post.

I think its doable after a quick google search. I’ll try and dive into it this weekend.

Thanks, Mike!