Kupopolis at Neotropolis

Hey My dudes!

So as most of you are aware, I do a yearly Post Apocalyptic event, Wasteland Weekend, where I dress up as the last Elvis impersonator on earth. [Picture Here]

This year, the event coordinators are doing a cyberpunk spinoff called… Neotropolis.

They are keeping the cyberpunk theme wide open with shadowrun cosplay. At least one of my friends is doing a tech Dwarf. (I’ll post photos).

I bring this up because I’m making my costume for it now, and I want to toss in some Kupopolis references! I’m making a cyberpunk jacket from a kit off of Etsy and I want to print out some vinyl stickers that are kupopolis references. Kuat, Diamond logos, maybe some of our flags? A dracofrom kill count would be cool too.

What do you guys think would be cool? Like do you guys have any references I can work off of??

Also if you wanna come let me know!!

Oh snap! Very cool, Mike.

What about a faded Grand Army Grenadiers patch?

Dude a GA Grenaders patch lwould be too cool. I was looking at our flags post, but I did not see any GA Flags? I assume they would be white and gold

I think so! Gosh, they had… some emblem described and I forget.

Betcha Trav knows.

@Celiose, what’s the GA emblem?

So the event got postponed until 2021. I keep telling my friends that this will give me time to build a giant mecha :smiley:

Ahahaha, nice.

I wonder if Trav can tell us what the GA emblem is. I’m kinda curious…

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“The sword-and-sun” is the GA’s emblem.

1990s me imagined a stylized, pointy sun, with a sword intersecting at it a 45 degree angle.

That said, “sword and sun” can be interpreted a lot of ways, and maybe someone more artistically inclined than me can do it better.

A little like this?

From Stellaris.

The Saga logo feels a bit space-age-y, I could see it being the logo for the space forces.

Maybe something like this:


(Federated Suns, Battletech)

I dig that. I can see it looking more WW2-y too, early on.

Yeah – I think, going forward, when we revisit the Great War era of the GA we can lean into the “World War II-ness” of things, at least when it comes to look and feel, though I was clearly inspired by many World War II events when writing it.

Yeah, I always sorta pictured it as WW2 (towards the end; obviously it was rather expansive and different, and had this entire element of being a big adventure, too).

But culturally? A battle of good vs. evil, that defined politics and everything else for 50 years.

Well…I could even cherry-pick specific events:

-The Siege of Trianable is intended to be this Leningrad/Stalingrad-esque epic ordeal

-“Arderine Pass”, the path between Damcyan and Fabul that Celiose famously lost, is a portmanteau of “Ardennes” (as in Ardennes forest, battle of the bulge) and Kasserine Pass (a battle in North Africa where the Americans got their ass kicked.)

-The GA was forewarned by intelligence about the Dark Wrath attack on Albrook, which I took from the Battle of Midway

-There was a “Carrion Express” the Dark Wrath used to ferry supplies through Carrion outside the GA’s naval blockade, named for the Imperial Japanese Navy’s “Tokyo Expresss”

-The Tacfortress strategic air campaign, of course, mirrors various Allied bombing campaigns against Germany and Japan, and Gage Rizett - “Bomber Gage” - stole his nickname from “Bomber Harris.” (It’s funny, Jay actually used “Bomber Harris” in a different post, but he got it from a Guy Ritchie movie instead of the World War II general.)

-There was a big, badass Dark Wrath battleship called the Domination, and a subplot involving “The Hunt for the Domination”, which was of course inspired by the hunt for the Bismarck, right down to the fact that submarines and aircraft were key to taking down the beast

-I’m not even trying very hard to change a name with “Rimmel”, although the GA Desert Korps was led by “Lommer”.

Oh, yeah. That makes a lot of sense! I knew some of them, but never caught all of them; Bomber Gage never quite clued in, or the Domination. (I don’t think I actually knew that one.)

Is this 90’s GA logo then?


  • sword is a combo of the district of the washington monument army patch sword with the ff3 sword from the old logo
  • sun I based off of ww2 China Burma India theater us army patch

So whenever me and Dustin drew Celiose, we often put a gold emblem on his jacket. Taking this previous design, I “modernized” it to be more post Great War Grand Army “United Nations with guns” look. Kind of streamlined the look and removed some of its flavor too. GACA_emblem

… and then I made a Malakim logo.

Oh damn, I love both of those! The Malakim one is awesome. Hannibal would approve.

Well, the whole goal was the make some patches for Neotropolis, so eventually I’ll have a cool vinyl patch of them to give out. I’ll send you guys some. I’m thinking I’ll make the gold GA vinyl too. The world needs more heroes. I’ll make people swear allegiance to the Charter to get one. The OG patch I’m going to try and use a embroidery machine to see if I can make a couple.

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