Kupopolis Art

So, as some of you may know, the wiki is actually around and is a thing (the link up at the top of the moogle.club page is incorrect; the actual address should be wiki.kupopolis.info), but due to the fact that most of our art assets were hosted on imageshack, and imageshack has decided to be douchey about the images it’s hosted for free for many years, we’ve lost a lot of the stuff that was posted there.
Since we’re sort of generally in this “rebuilding things” mode, I thought it’d be about time to have a discussion about any art assets or Kupopolis media that you’ve either created over the years, or are suddenly inspired to create as part of this effort.
So, in replies to this thread, go ahead and post links to Kupop art you’d like to share. Did you draw one of your main characters this one time, and it used to be on the wiki, but no longer? Post it here!

So I can’t draw, but I’ve thought of commissioning pictures of characters; I’ve done that some nowadays. I’ll let y’all know the results if so!

Sadly, I have no Kupop art except one thing: a picture of Hannibal sparkling like an anime character that my mysterious beta reader friend did ages ago. If I can find it in the recesses of my hard drive, I’ll make it happen.

…I really want to see Sparkly Hannibal.

Oh, and Matt – we’re agreed that City of Heroes is done in the Batman Animated Series/Bruce TImm style, RIGHT!?

I’m not Matt, but I endorse this.

100% agreed.

Oh absolutely. And I’m sure Bruce Timm would totally be down for rendering our universe in the BTAS/JLU style.