Kupop Writing Prompt Apps for 2018

I wanted to make a list of the apps I wanted to add for 2018. The goal of these apps is to facilitate small 1000 word stories written regularly. If you guys have any ideas feel free to respond and help me flush out the concept.

Group event writing prompt - “The Race”, and “The Tournament”
-Users can go to a site, join and create events, which will generate custom writing prompt outcomes and ranks for each participant based on dice rolls. The events can be multi staged with critical fails and critical success per stage. MVP would be the user having the go back to the page every stage to see their ranking, but ideally they would be messaged via the boards, and after a given amount of time for writing the prompt, an outcome would get automatically posted to the boards. The tournament version would couple players at random each stage and produce a final winner.

Group event writing prompt - "Montage"
Kind of a storytelling device from 13th Age, its more of a baton pass then a race with a random roll at the end of each post to determine an outcome. The next person would have to write the fallout of that action and their attempt to save the situation.

Group event writing prompt - "Iron Wrtier"
This would be a updated version of our old iron writer app, where each participant would add in a story “ingredient”, and x amount would be chosen at random, MVP is that polls on the board would determine the winner, but possibly could add a like counter after x amount of days (yes our posts have likes now)

Global Kupopolis daily event Prompt
When you log onto the board, you would get a box that would prompt with a global event madlibs based off of wiki article info and tags. (ex, “Because the Gaudian robot Mafia smuggled a massive Hiven to the Light Dimension, a flood has occured in Trianable”)