Kupop Tabletop

So our Kupopolis heist game was pretty fun. I think short 2-3 hour sessions would be fun for the future. Would you guys be cool with like a drop in approach of an objective and loose rules? Honey Heist “Kupo Kaper” was nice because it was just a round robin improve game 6 health points.

I’m thinking first week fo October for the sequel? It would be like a sequel Kaper with more people hopefully. That work good with you guys?

So, sticking with the honey heist system?

That’s fine with me, I’m up for whatever

Same. Kupop Kaper was fun. Definitely wanna play as Kulepto again.

I’m down! Was sad I missed the last one.

yeah, we can do a sequel and then maybe stick to the “One Page of rules” tabletop games to do one-offs. I have a feeling everyone schedules will be conflicted always so might do is with the lowest entry point as possible.

I put something on the Calendar for Saturday, October 10th 10am PT. My plan is to do another Honey Heist system game but as moogles, and also spookey theme!

The Golden Hand Nic Hosluft was created for a singular purpose: to maximize the limitless potential of magicite. Now that the glove is in the Gang’s possession, the next target is a magicite located in Kupopolis’ Demon Quarter. The perfect time to heist is approaching – Mardi Malade, an undead celebration of excess and decay.

So I just looked at this invite and noticed I initially wrote the wrong day for Saturday (11th instead of 10th).

I’ll be on discord for both days. We can chit chat if not enough people show up.

Moved the scheduling to be on discord, you can find the link here: https://discord.gg/QTCn6mCqMe

Going to try playing Heist #2 Sunday January 31st 10am pst.

Heist #3 will be March 28th 10am pst.

You can get more deets and a calendar reminder on the discord!

Hey Gang!

The heisting Continues in June! The bi-monthly schedule is interrupted in May as I’m going on vacation and family stuff. I’ll try to do something a bit more organized since it’ll be an extra month.

Like before, you can confirm and get a calendar link in our discord channel here.

Hope to see you guys next heist!

Hey Gang!

The heisting marches onward in August! We’re aiming for 8/8 at 10am pst tentatively for our fifth game in the campaign. Everyone is welcome and the games have been timeboxed to around 1 hour.

Like before, you can confirm and get a calendar link in our discord channel here.