Kupop mentioned on a podcast!?

So, full disclosure: I haven’t listened yet.

My spouse was listening to a podcast called Woodland Secrets, episode number 118, and they interviewed an author named Tony Tulathimutte. Aly said he referred to an “old AOL message board, where everyone had to be a moogle” named Kupopolis.

…any idea who this guy might have been? The podcast host said there’s something still called Kupopolis but he said (apparently), “no, can’t be the same, these people are actually talking in words.”

Thats kinda cool! No idea who that could be. Pretty sure even back in the AOL days you had at least a 2 to 1 lurker to writer ratio.

I dunno who it could be – it’s worth pointing out that Kupopolis, as an AOL board, existed as a “moogle club” thing well before our legendary foundress established us on the path of the interactive story. And, sure enough, in that time, everyone pretended to be a moogle, which necessitated everyone using “Ku” names. There was a counter-group called “the Empire” (“Being a moogle sucks, being evil is cool!”), followed of course by the Dark Moogles (“being a moogle AND being evil is the bastest!”)