Kupop 2.0 Pre-Alpha API Release

I’m pleased to announce that some traction has been made with the node.js and react build of our new app.

Since my last post mentioning I’ve abandoned php in preference for node.js, I have agreed to help develop a storytelling app for another group of friends under the agreement that it would serve as launchpad for Kupopolis 2.0.

This app is called Loremiester, and you can find it here:

What is it exactly?
Loremiester is an API service that allows users to view stories, characters, and groups, as well as post/edit these items with a login service via a local site login or a login via facebook or google.

In English please?
You can go to a URL and get stories and character information that a website/mobileapp/arduino/humans can read. You can also add to it by logging in via url or by logging into facebook.

How and why is this a pre-alpha?
This build delivers the core functionality of kupop, which is to allow people to login post stories. The alpha release will have a website to view things more naturally.

What makes this something for Kupop 2.0?
An API service will allow for us to serve up Kupop native mobile apps for iphone and andriod, as well as give us the ability to provide instant updates and near real-time information. The old kupopolis only presented information on a page refresh, this new API setup will allow for the website or app to continually receive data–you could get notifications on your phone when your friend replies to a comment or post a story.

Where can I see this in action?
A current (and undocumented) version can be found here:

Mike! So sorry, I’d been checking this periodically and missed this. This sounds very exciting; I know we’ve fallen quiet (like… really quiet), but I think this is way cool.

Yeah, have like a full week’s worth of work on it for it to be feature complete. Right now the way I made it, if only a dozen or so people use it, it’s free to host. However if we get into the triple digits (possible with viewership numbers, I have about 30 subsctibed fans who watched me code this on my live stream) the site will freeze and demand 30 bucks. So yeah.

Oh wow. Yeah. That… might not work so hot.