Iron Writer: Haikus!

Here we go. It’s time for our glorious haikus. Since this is not a full-on, computer judged IW, there aren’t ingredients or rules. I’m not sure how you set a haiku in the Kupopolis universe. Maybe you can. I don’t know. You’re welcome to try.

You have from now until Monday morning, when I get up and post “THAT IS ALL,” to do your entries. They need to follow the standard haiku format.

Afterward, we’ll judge every haiku 1 to 10. 10 is the highest. People will PM their votes to me. You’ll have until next Sunday (the 19th) to submit your votes. So let’s get to haiku-in’!

This sword in my hand
Once light as seraphim, now
Grows heavy with blood

I got this I got this

what is a kupop
a miserable pile of
message box got whacked

Standing on a fort,
"Gods, this place has gone to hell."
Same thing every year.

Scars on both his cheeks
Knife in hand and snark on tongue
He’s Mister Bones.

right up my alley
so short so sweet so very
oh hi there old friends

This is set in the
Kupopolis universe
Chromate! I am slain!

He swims on black fins.
There ain’t no bigger fish.
Manta. You should run.

Lost pixel stories,
An ancient question remains:
Deputy Dusty?

Hail Kupopolis:
Threads and gates and mechs oh my.
And so it begins.

Time comes and time goes.
We always come back to home.
Story never ends.

I’ll close this for voteable things (not lock the thread) tomorrow morning, so you got tonight to do an entry! Otherwise, your haiku doesn’t make the ballot.

And cries many, many salty tears.

Aaaand we’re closed! Thanks for participating.

Send me votes by Sunday.

And the results are in!

Jay gets first place!

Tex gets second!

Spoon gets third!

Thanks for participating, everybody!

That was fun, thanks for putting it together!!

No worries! Glad y’all liked it.