Iron Writer: Haiku Edition

So, let’s say hypothetically, we wanted a quick and dirty Iron Writer starting, oh, let’s call it next Friday.

Iron Writer: Haiku Edition. I’m serious. We have a weekend (Friday through Sunday night) to write a haiku, post it, and the best (meaning funniest) wins according to voting on the traditional model. I’ll be Honorary Database and tally the votes. Who would do this?

I’m down!


Huzzah!! Don’t be shy, folks. A hockey pool I’m in uses haikus as a tie breaker!


I made you an admin Tex if you want to take point on this kind of stuff. :slight_smile:


Iron Writer’s back?
Have my wishes been answered?
Urge to write, RISING!

Lightning struck Limsa
Thus Merlwyb entered the Web
Good luck with that, guys

Only one week’s time
To craft an epic saga
All right, let’s do this.

Spider’s Web reforms
A Leviathan disturbed
One word whispered, War.

Computer starts up
Chrome goes to
Dammit, no new posts

Oh my, chromium!
This mortal plane I depart.
My only weakness.