Interaction Opportunities

I figured I would make a thread for suggesting/requesting chances for interaction. That might be handy, especially as the story’s cast and locations grow.

To start us off! Meri and Sel are headed back to Grand Casar and going to park the Seraphim outside of town. Did anyone wanna have people there bump into them?

Willard Grimaldi is on his way to the Reinhardt wreckage to lend assistance and drive off any wildlife that might have been stirred up by the crash.

Ed Dour will be arriving in Grand Casar with the merchant caravan probably around the time that Meri and Sel arrive.

Sounds good to me! Ed could also probably see the Seraphim soar overhead which is… probably not normal…

Yeah, that would get a reaction. Ed Dour is much more likely to actually show surprise about things.

[Seraphim flies overhead]
Ed: O_o
Grimaldi: T_T

Hahaha, pretty much. I probably won’t have a chance to write til the weekend (maybe Friday) so if the mood strikes and you got time, feel free, Jay! They’d land the Seraphim outside of town and walk in.

I’mma try to get a post up with Meri and Sel tomorrow or Tuesday, but we’re entering the end of semester rush so my writing time may go down for a week, week and a half. Jay, if you wanna, go for it! I may be a bit.

Also, if anyone else intends to jump in now, feel free.

We could also always use more characters from the Reinhardt. We know who the ship’s captain was, who a few of her officers and personalities were, but there are still a lot of holes left in the crew roster. And it’s totally open for anyone and everyone to jump in and fill the gaps.

If the thing that’s keeping you from doing so is a lack of familiarity with the wider Kupopolis setting, you can send a private message to me or Gabe or any of the other old timers and they should be able to set you straight. Or maybe post a character concept here and we can help provide notes on how it could work!

That recent post looked awesome, Jay! I’ll pick up.

I am gonna be slow to write for a few days; I need to finish the semester out, and that cuts into writing time. I’ve got a couple ideas on things to do next; I’ll post those here for some good ol’ fashioned brainstorming.