How you guys doing?

Checking up on you lovely people and the board. I had some delicious tequila. Is all good in the world with you all?

I’m doing well!

I’m still in China. I’m trying to decide what to do when my contract ends in November (stay, go teach English in another country, or come back to the US.) I’m going on vacation to Thailand at the end of the month, which I’m pretty excited about.

And I’m really glad to be writing in Kupopolis again. It just feels like a thing I should be doing. (…I mean, I feel kinda bad about the last ten or so years…Kupopolis Writers Guilt Syndrome is a real thing…)

What’s the likelihood of staying out of the US til, say, January 21, 2021? No reason.


I’m doing good. I got full-time work as an archivist with the Texas State Library in September. It was… an adjustment, but the work is fun. I handle 19th century documents nearly daily, and I’ve learned a loooooooot about Texas history. (I am faintly embarrassed by West, now. Sigh.)

I’d like to write more. I need to get a better rhythm going.

Lately, I’ve been playing D&D 5E; their organized play thing has been handy since I have no groups locally and the feel of dice hitting the table is a thing.

I’ve also been watching Kimmy Schmidt, Tales of Zestiria, and… uh… Pretty Cure? I don’t even know. Game-wise, I’ve played Tales of Berseria, replayed FF4, and I wanna do the new Fire Emblem in May.

man, new Fire Emblem game, so soon? Haven’t even beaten Fates yet…partly because on the Conquest version it’s such a troll, and the Birthright version feels kinda dumbed down. I don’t think the decision to split the game into pieces was a good one.

Yeaaah, I wasn’t a fan.

The new one’s a remake of an old NES one. I’m pretty excited, it could be real cool.