How should we post things?

…seems like a stupid question, but –

how should I post things!?

Like, longer, multi-part posts? (Like I just did?)

I clearly wrote this post with the old Sliver boards in the back of my mind, without thinking too much about how it would look on a modern board. We can either:

  1. Put multi-part posts all as replies to one thing. This causes a giant wall of text. (This is what I did). The post I put up was only about 6k words, which isn’t all that long, but it already feels kinda strange to read it as an endless scroll.
  2. Put each part of a post as its own topic. This feels so…AOL 1995? But may work better, it avoids the wall of text, it lets people mark their progress in reading (“oh, I’ve only read to part 4 of this post before I had to take a break”).

…I’m not really sure which works better. Any thoughts?

I don’t terribly mind #1 but… I’ve also not read anything super long yet.

Like a megapost type thing could get silly.

I’ve been giving this some thought, but curious what would be your ideal implementation? Post seem to work well because the forum will automatically paginate after x posts.

Would we want story post titles at some point like the old Kupop board did? Each post has a subject, so it should be doable?

Way belatedly: that sounds good, Mike. I feel like familiar’s good (and not missing a key feature I can think of!).