Hey guys this has to be 15 characters

dustin is getting way mad at me for not taking my turn in divinity 2 but I think we should probably all go on a booze cruise

I’m having trouble even understanding how to type or click, but Dustin is not happy I mentioned him for some reason.

p.s. I did not know my password that is why I haven’t posted here in so long

p.p.s. sorry if this thread is in the wrong place but I am extremely incapable of even understanding what is happening right now.

p.p.s. I am in florida for some reason.

but it would be fun to go on a cruise and be drunk and write

Yes, it would be fun to go on a drunken cruise.

Also, it’s good to hear that Dustin still exists.

Dustin lives in an old convent and has some kind of fight club going on where he thinks his reflection is a weird old man who watches him shower.

I kinda been itching to go on a cruise!